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From the 1880's through 1934, mules played an important role in the underground mines. There was usually 1000 mules each day at work, with about 10,000 mules working underground during the 50 years they were used. 

We now use our version of the mule, a street legal 6-seat Kawasaki "Mule" to transport people around the famous Butte "Hill" to see a number of special destination locations. 



Enjoy two separate tours while riding through historic Butte, Montana in a Kawasaki "Mule", a six seat street legal side by side. 


The Red Light District, Cabbage Patch, Myra and Dumas Brothels

Includes 4 points of interest: Cabbage Patch, Red Light District, Myra Brothel, and Dumas Brothel.

butte night M.jpg

Gallus Frames & Neighborhoods

We will visit Butte's Gallus Frames and old neighborhoods and learn about the story each one has to offer.

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