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Enjoy two separate tours while riding through historic Butte, Montana in a Kawasaki "Mule", a six seat street legal side by side. 

Tour 1


The red light district, Cabbage Patch & Prohibition

In this tour we will visit 4 points of interest: Cabbage Patch, Red Light District, Dumas Brothel, and Fifty One Below Speakeasy. 

Cabbage Patch (1890-1940)
Walk thru the last 3 remaining shacks that were part of the cabbage patch, which was home to the poorest of the poor and included people of all nationalities. 
The Cabbage Patch was six square blocks that were home to 1500 Residents. None had electricity or running water. It was famous for lawsuits, brutal gangs, prostitution, murder, theft, and ethnic wars. First termed “Cabbage Patch” in 1904 as the most decrepit place in the city. In 1940 the shacks were replaced by low income housing, which is now the Silver Bow Homes.

Red Light District (1870-1982)
This includes brothels located on East Park Street from 1870 to 1890. Most relocated to East Galena & East Mercury by 1988. Declared illegal in 1890 but tolerated thanks to payoffs to police and city officials. We will travel thru Venus Alley, the hub of prostitution activity. 

Dumas Brothel (1890-1982)
This is the longest running house of prostitution in the United States. On this stop we will walk thru all three levels and view the service rooms used by the prostitutes. This brothel was connected to East Galena car dealerships by tunnels. 

Fifty One Below Speakeasy (Opened 2019)
Recreated active speakeasy that fascinates visitors with it’s unique entry. Enter through the National Fur 80’ vault & view amazing furs from the past. One of the hotel’s room has a secret staircase leading to the speakeasy. 

Tour 2



On this tour we will visit the 12 remaining Gallus Frames: Orphan Girl, Mountain Con, Original, Steward, Kelley, Anselmo, Lexington, Belmont, Travonia, Badger, Bell Diamond, and Granite Mountain.


We will take a drive through & view the historic neighborhoods surrounding the mines including Westside, Walkerville, Eastside, Corktown, and Dublin Gulch. 

Other points of interest on this tour include:

  • World Museum of Mining (Orphan Girl)

  • Montana Tech (Marcus Daly Statue)

  • Clark Mansion & Clark Chateau

  • Mother Lode Theater

  • Venting Tunnels & Escape Tunnels for the Mines

  • Alice Mine (Walkerville)

  • Yankee Doodle Tailing Pond

  • Granite Mountain/Speculator Mine Memorial

  • Kelley Mine Yard

  • Red Light District

  • Cabbage Patch

  • China Town

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